VERIFY Testnet

VERIFY Testnet

The VERIFY testnet is built with Polygon CDK validium (opens in a new tab).

With VERIFY utilizing its own L2, fees are lower for publishers and data is more highly available for content consumers. The settlement layer for VERIFY Testnet is Polygon POS Amoy (opens in a new tab).

Network details

Network Name: VERIFY Testnet
Chain ID: 1833
Currency Symbol: MATIC
Block Explorer URL:
Settlement Layer: Amoy 

Amoy to VERIFY testnet Bridge: (opens in a new tab)

Network details page: (opens in a new tab)

Using the VERIFY Testnet network

1. Connect to Polygon Amoy and Acquire a balance of MATIC

Add the network to your wallet with the following details:

Network Name: Polygon Amoy Testnet
Chain ID: 80002
Currency Symbol: MATIC
Block Explorer URL:‍


If either faucet does not provide a sufficient balance for your usage reach out to VERIFY team with a request for testnet MATIC.

2. Add the VERIFY Testnet Network to your wallet

Navigate to the VERIFY Testnet network details page here (opens in a new tab) and click "Add to wallet".

3. Bridge MATIC from AMOY to VERIFY Testnet

Use the VERIFY Bridge (opens in a new tab) to transfer you Amoy MATIC balance to the VERIFY Testnet.

4. Check your wallet funds on VERIFY Testnet

Go the the VERIFY Testnet block explorer, and search for your wallet address.

Alternatively navigate to the following url, using your wallet address in place of <wallet_address>.<wallet_address>

It's normal for funds to take about 10-20 mins to be processed through the bridge from Amoy to VERIFY Testnet.