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Organization Nodes

Organization Nodes


As org nodes don't point to digital assets directly, their ids are not calculated based on the content they represent. Org Ids must be unique, one option for doing so is computing them like the following:

newOrgNodeId = keccak256(abi.encodePacked(address(user),nonce + 1));


Authorization modules for both reference and access are set utilizing the setAccessAuth() and setReferenceAuth() methods. Providing auth to a user at the org level means that all users authorized here will have access/reference on all child content nodes.


Each org node is associated with optional metadata which helps an indexing user understand the content of its children.

The data field is flexible for organizations to declare the necessary information to consume the underlying content.

In future standards may be developed for organizational patterns.

Metadata Schema


  • data contains all the optional associated metadata for an org node.
  • signature contains the signature param/values from signing the content in the data field


  • data.description a textual description of the children of the org node
  • data.manifest a extendable field where additional metadata can be stored and attested to by the signer


  • signature.curve the elliptic curve used to sign the content of the data field
  • signature.signature the produced signature from signing the message
  • signature.digest the keccak256 hash of the content in the data field
  • signature.description a textual description of the method used to generate the signature

Example Org Node Schema

  "data": {
    "description": "",
    "manifest": {},
   "signature": {
    "curve": "",
    "signature": "",
    "message": "",
    "description": "",