Verify Client SDK

Quick Start

  • Since VERIFY client sdk supports javascript, start by installing nodejs (opens in a new tab) version 18 or higher.

  • Confirm the node version node --version in your terminal.

    sdk requires:

    "node": ">=18.15.0",
    "npm": "9.5.0"
  • Set up a test project

    mkdir test-verifymedia-client
    cd test-verifymedia-client
    npm init -y
    touch index.mjs
    npm i @verify-media/verify-client
  • Open test-verifymedia-client/index.mjs in your favorite IDE and add the following snippet

    import { hashData } from '@verify-media/verify-client'
    console.log(hashData('hello world'))
  • Head over to the terminal (within vscode or your favorite terminal which has the nodejs env setup) and try executing

    node index.mjs

    you should see some output like


    The sdk is now up and running.